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Let's Get Moving!

How does it work?

My main priority is ensuring that my clients can engage in physical activity in an environment that’s safe and comfortable. Having access to a trainer has never been easier!


I’m currently able to offer 3 different options to each of my clients.
Whether you’d rather train in your home, over zoom, or be in a gym setting, there’s an option for you!

1. Online Training

Sessions held virtually through Zoom

2. In-Home Training

Sessions are held within the comfort of your own home
Check out the image below to ensure your address is within the driving parameters highlighted in Gold

3. In-Person Training

Sessions are held in a gym setting
Located inside MoveMed

My enthusiasm for fitness has always been well known by my friends and family, so now I share that passion with you.
No one should ever have to fight this kind of battle on their own, so think of me as your very own personal battle buddy!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need my own workout equipment?

Not right off the bat. My job is to keep you safe, so I need to make sure that you are ready to add in any external weights or resistance before saying you can use them immediately.

How long are each session?

It depends on which plan is right for you! I offer both 30 minute session and 50 minute session memberships. I always tell people to commit to reality, I know you want to get to your goals quick but do what’s feasible for you!

What does a typical session look like?

After we’ve completed your physical assessment, I’ll be able to create a customized program for you each week. As you progress in your range of motion, we’ll begin to get stronger and faster. Everybody’s body is different, so everybody’s sessions are as unique as they are!

Can I workout while getting chemo?

You sure can, but with correct supervision. Studies show that being physically active while getting chemotherapy has several benefits, but you have to make sure to do it safely!

Do you take insurance?

As much as I wish insurance covered things like physical activity, at the moment they don’t. Some will give you reimbursements for gym memberships, but you’ll have to speak with your insurance company directly.

I'm in menopause, can I lose weight?

Absolutely! Although it can be a bit harder to lose weight while in any type of menopause (natural or chemically induced) it’s definitely achievable! I’m not a nutritionist so I can’t speak to that world, but can always point you to the right person if you’re interested in that too!

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You've got questions, i've got answers!

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