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Breast Cancer Exercise

Not every day is perfect, but that’s okay.
A breast cancer diagnosis completely changes your perspective.

Health & Wellness

When embarking on your journey through breast cancer and exercise, it’s vital to entrust someone who has a comprehensive knowledge of a breast cancer diagnosis.

You Can Rest Assured That You're Partnering With an Individual Who:

Breast Cancer Patients and Survivors Require the Guidance of Experts

who specialize not only in breast cancer exercise but also in oncology. Providing a vital role in bridging the gap between the medical world and the fitness world.

Embarking on the journey of reclaiming control of your life, is an empowering endeavor. You can place your trust in me to diligently recognize any signs of trouble and ensure your safety throughout the entire process.

I’m here to be your faithful companion, provide unwavering support & cheer you on.

Meet & Greet

Personal Training

Imagine this as going on a blind date—ensuring that we click is crucial, right? We’ll have a meeting to discuss what incorporating exercise into your life will entail. Together, we’ll assess your goals and devise a plan to attain them.

Memberships offer private and personalized 1-on-1 training sessions, along with email and phone support during operating hours. Additionally, you’ll have exclusive access to my extensive exercise video library and monthly newsletter!

Whether you prefer exercising in the comfort of your own home or via Zoom, rest assured there’s an option tailored to your preferences!
Click the button below to schedule your free consultation today!

Let's Get Moving

My priority is to ensure my clients can engage in physical activity in an environment that’s not only safe but also comfortable.

Online Personal Training

held virtually with my free training app

Concierge Personal Training

held in the comfort of your own home


Membership options pricing structure for Foobs and Fitness

With each membership, you enjoy the added flexibility of utilizing your sessions at any time throughout your billing cycle.

Now, let me ask: Are you a Survivor? A Thriver?!

No matter which category resonates with you, take comfort in knowing that every program has been meticulously designed to get you active and moving in a way that is not only safe but also incredibly impactful!

Foobs and Fitness Phoenix Rising


Clients love their experience. Check out their feedback for inspiration and let’s smash your goals together!

Kristin Bublitz
Florida, US
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I had an incredible experience with Rori after my double mastectomy. She not only helped me gain and expand my range of motion, but also built up my strength in a way that was tailored to my own limits. She constantly challenged me to push myself further. I loved how flexible and easy to work with she was. She incorporated my kids into our Zoom sessions when they were around, and made it fun. I couldn't have asked for a better therapist!
Dana Trotta
New York, US
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Can’t thank her enough for kicking my health journey into gear ..Rori takes them time and effort needed to customize a fitness plan for me. First time in my 34 years I’ve actually enjoyed working out. And my kids love her and work out with us. Its a win win for me. Highly recommend her services if your looking to get in shape and be in high spirits on the way to your goal!
Jessica Brennan
Colorado, US
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Rori developed a personalized multi-month plan for me to reach my fitness goals and not only did I reach them, I surpassed them! Her cues really helped me to understand the important aspects of each exercise! She rocks!!!
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