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About Rori

rise above the ashes

“Sometimes in life, you must die a little on the inside
in order to be reborn and rise again as a stronger, wiser version of yourself”

Rori Zura

Since 2016, Rori had been discovering lumps in her breasts, compounded by a significant family history of various types of cancers, especially breast cancer. Given her dense and cystic breasts, she sought a preventive mastectomy to avoid experiencing what my family members had gone through.

Regrettably, she was unable to undergo the procedure without bearing the financial burden. Fast forward to the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, when Rori noticed another lump. Initially, she dismissed it as yet another cyst.

However, as it persisted beyond her menstrual cycle, Rori realized something was wrong. On August 17th, 2020, at the age of 33, Rori received an official diagnosis of triple negative breast cancer.

Rori’s always been an active person, her mom used to say when she was a baby she learned to run before she could walk and she’s been on the go ever since. Breast cancer wasn’t going to stop that part of her life, so Rori learned how to adapt and overcome any obstacle that stood in her way during treatment.

Leveraging the power of fitness, Rori successfully combated breast cancer, and now, as a breast cancer exercise specialist, she’s dedicated to helping you achieve the same.

Foobs and Fitness Phoenix Rising

My Passion

During my treatment, I faced setbacks, as is common in a cancer journey. One setback though proved to be significant.

After my double mastectomy, I received joyful news that my lymph nodes were clear and the remaining tumor had been successfully removed. However, a week later, my surgeon delivered the unfortunate update of micro-metastasis in one of my biopsied lymph nodes. Another surgery was necessary to remove them, posing a high risk of lymphedema.

Despite my initial displeasure, I calmed down and discussed proactive management with my surgeon, including the possibility of seeing a lymphedema therapist.

This was the birth of Foobs & Fitness. Tired of reactive approaches that waited for symptoms to appear, I refused to let history repeat itself. Recognizing that others faced similar challenges, I knew action was needed.

During my extended treatment plan involving radiation and oral chemotherapy, I pursued certification as a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Subsequently, I became a certified Cancer Exercise Specialist with the Cancer Exercise Training Institute.

My passion is to ensure that no one faces such battles alone. Join the Foob Army today and think of me as your personal battle buddy!

my Goals

Every day won’t always bring sunshine and rainbows, but you know what? That’s absolutely okay! In fact, if your life lacks ups and downs, it means you’ve reached a standstill.

A cancer diagnosis is a complete game-changer. Reversing the mindset that your exercise routine is solely about fitting into those “skinny” jeans or that adorable new bikini is no easy task.

Now, your physical activity is driven by the sheer will to stay alive.

The ever-growing number of studies, highlights the positive impact of physical activity. It reduces the risk of cancer, mitigates the side effects of cancer treatment, and minimizes the chances of a recurrence. My goal is to create a tidal wave of change within our healthcare system.

While there may not always be an absolute foolproof way to evade a cancer diagnosis, we have abundant options to proactively support ourselves in a positive manner.

Rori Zura - Fake, Fit & Fabulous
Foobs and Fitness Phoenix Rising

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