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Explore how a presence in the media has played a pivotal role in spreading awareness about the Foobs and Fitness mission and igniting a movement that continues to inspire millions worldwide.

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 Here, you’ll discover firsthand accounts of my own experience, insights into the stories that have shaped my narrative, and the behind-the-scenes glimpses that make each media interaction a unique chapter in my story and mission.

Newsday Rori Interview


The 30th Annual Jones Beach breast cancer walk

Rori Zura Breast Cancer Censorship

USA Today

The struggle of breast cancer content creators.

Hologic Rori Zura


Healthy women, healthy world

Making Strides Rori Zura

The Long Island Advocate

'Making strides’ against breast cancer at Jones Beach

Foobs and Fitness Phoenix Rising

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Foobs and Fitness Phoenix Rising

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This section is a testament of my commitment to transparency, authenticity, and the enduring impact of storytelling in the public sphere.

Foobs and Fitness As Seen In The Media