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Breast Cancer & Media

Explore how a presence in the media has played a pivotal role in spreading awareness about the Foobs and Fitness mission and igniting a movement that continues to inspire millions worldwide.

Print Media

 Here, you’ll discover firsthand accounts of my own experience, insights into the stories that have shaped my narrative, and the behind-the-scenes glimpses that make each media interaction a unique chapter in my story and mission.

Newsday Rori Interview


The 30th Annual Jones Beach breast cancer walk

Rori Zura Breast Cancer Censorship

USA Today

The struggle of breast cancer content creators.

Hologic Rori Zura


Healthy women, healthy world

Making Strides Rori Zura

The Long Island Advocate

'Making strides’ against breast cancer at Jones Beach



Improving Strength & Endurance After Treatment

Triple Negative Breast Cancer Survivor


Triple Negative Breast Cancer Survivor

Rori Zura Fitness 101 Thriving After Breast Cancer

Keep A Breast Foundation

Fitness 101: A Survivor's Guide to Thriving After Breast Cancer

Foobs and Fitness Phoenix Rising

Podcast & Media

Episode 37 – Battling Breast Cancer & The Importance of Fitness During Treatment With Rori Zura

Instagram Live – How exercise is beneficial during and after cancer, the mind-body connection.

Episode 109 – Rori Zura, Breast Cancer Survivor, Cancer Exercise Specialist, & Founder of Foobs and Fitness

Episode 17 – Rori’s story of treatment and reconstruction, and how a diagnosis set her on a new career path.

Episode 28: Traversing the battlefield of breast cancer, from diagnosis to advocacy with Rori Zura

Episode 6 – How do I exercise with cancer? Sharing the benefits of exercise after a cancer diagnosis.

Media Interview Topics

Navigating wellness conversations can be tricky, but topics that are insightful and inspirational are key components to awareness and education regarding breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Survivorship

Every breast cancer diagnosis is different, but each one is just as important to be heard. Sharing my story of treatment is a critical component in ensuring that no one ever fights alone.

Breast Cancer & Exercise

There are so many studies that show a positive impact exercise can have on a breast cancer diagnosis. Talking about the correlation will help so many take back control of their lives.

Patient Advocacy

You are the CEO of your body, and need to make some pretty hard decisions throughout your life. Your health and wellness is no exception. Advocacy is a huge component of a diagnosis.

Lymphedema Awareness

The lymphatic system is a very understudied system within our bodies at the moment, but it plays such a big part in our health. Understanding what it is and how you can manage is critical!

Foobs and Fitness Phoenix Rising

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This section is a testament of my commitment to transparency, authenticity, and the enduring impact of storytelling in the public sphere.

Foobs and Fitness As Seen In The Media
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