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Medical News Today

1-minute bursts of physical activity during daily tasks could help you live longer

vigorous intermittent lifestyle physical activity” or vilpa, refers to 1- to 2-minute periods of vigorous physical activity performed within everyday tasks, such as walking with shopping bags or climbing a flight of stairs.

It requires minimal time commitment and involves no specific preparation, equipment or access to facilities
VILP, Vigorous intermittent lifestyle physical activity

New York Post

"One workout a day may keep the cancer away."

The Exercise Medicine Research Institute at ECU found that exercise can change the “chemical environment” of the body in a way that helps block cancer growth.

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Everyday Health

For people with multiple myeloma, a rare blood cancer that’s also referred to simply as myeloma, being active and physically fit can help counter side effects specific to the disease and its treatment.

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Medical News Today

Metastatic cancer risk reduced by as much as 72% with high intensity exercise

researchers have identified the mechanism behind the preventive effect of exercise. They found that physical activity increases glucose consumption by internal organs, which means less energy available to the tumor

623,405 individuals in the United States are living with metastatic cancer
exercise, physical activity, health and wellness

Medical News

"Exercise is a form of medicine"

A new study explains how aerobic and resistance exercise can increase the life expectancy for individuals who have successfully finished breast cancer treatment.

exercise, physical activity, health and wellness

Medical News

Research found that regular exercise positively impacts gut microbiome diversity in people with colorectal cancer. It’s the 1st to examine links between exercise & the microbiome of people with cancer.

exercise, physical activity, health and wellness

Axios Seattle

A vaccine for breast cancer may be near

a decade-long Phase I human trial, the vaccine created a strong immune response to proteins that cause tumors to grow aggressively.

Patients with HER2 breast cancer are being recruited for the Phase II clinical trial. For more information contact the patient coordinator: uwcvi@uw.edu or call 206-543-3829.

About 264,000 cases of breast cancer are diagnosed annually in women and about 2,400 in men in the United States
breast cancer, cancer, breast cancer treatment

Medical Press

Drug triggers immune cells to attack prostate cancer

A single drug compound simultaneously attacks hard-to-treat prostate cancer on several fronts. It triggers immune cells to attack, helps the immune cells penetrate the tumor, and also cuts off the tumor’s ability to burn testosterone as fuel.

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Medical Press

Protein that could predict chemo sensitivity

Researchers identified a protein that, when present in high amounts in breast cancer tumors, is an indicator of whether DNA-damaging therapies will work or not. “This could lead to more effective chemo for people with breast cancer.”

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