Weight Gain After Breast Cancer Treatment

Tips for Weight Mangement Breast Cancer Survivors

Navigating Weight After Breast Cancer Embarking on the journey to recovery after breast cancer treatment is both courageous and challenging. Yet, for many survivors, a significant obstacle remains even after treatment ends: weight gain. Beyond its physical effects, weight management for breast cancer survivors can carry a heavy emotional burden, casting shadows on the joys […]

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Unlocking mobility after breast cancer

Limited range of motion after Breast Cancer

Mobility & Breast Cancer treatment I understand firsthand the challenges that come with navigating treatment-related side effects, including limited mobility. Throughout my own journey, I’ve learned the importance of tailored exercises and gradual progression to regain my range of motion and live a life without constant pain. Understanding Range of Motion Limitations Breast cancer treatment,

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Overcoming Breast Cancer-Related Fatigue

Fatigue cause by Breast Cancer

Expert Strategies for Breast Cancer Have you ever heard the saying “A body at rest tends to stay at rest”? Well, for us breast cancer survivors that statement is resoundingly true. For breast cancer survivors, this rings especially true. Dealing with breast cancer fatigue isn’t just physically exhausting – it can leave us emotionally drained

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Navigating Lymphedema with Exercise

Rori Lymphedema Exercise

Lymphedema Management with Exercise Being not just a breast cancer survivor, but a Cancer Exercise Specialist as well, I understand the depths and complexities of having to manage lymphedema. Having walked through the fire of breast cancer treatment, I’ve encountered firsthand the unwelcomed guest that goes by the name lymphedema. Development of Lymphedema It’s essential

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Top 3 Strength Training Exercises for Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist

Nurturing Strength As a breast cancer survivor and breast cancer exercise specialist, my journey has been one of resilience, renewal, and the unwavering belief in the healing power of movement. Today, I want to share my insights into my top 3 strength training exercises that can be specifically tailored for breast cancer patients.

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Effective Stretches For Breast Cancer

Empowered Healing with Rori Zura Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist

Empowered Healing In the midst of the challenges that accompany a breast cancer journey, the significance of holistic well-being cannot be overstated. This tailored stretching routine is critical to the unique needs of breast cancer patients, offering a curated stretching routine designed to empower both body and spirit. With a focus on gentle yet effective

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